Google Glass's Individual Parts Only Cost Around $80

Truly unbeatable value.

All of this stuff costs BASICALLY NOTHING. (TechInsights)

All of this stuff costs BASICALLY NOTHING. (TechInsights)

Here’s some fun news for all the people who couldn’t afford to shell out $1,500 for Google Glass a few weeks ago — one website has found that the combined cost of all Glass’ parts only comes out to around $80. Google, unsurprisingly, is denying the claims.

The depressing news comes from the folks at TechInsight’s business, who dissembled a pair of Google Glass and determined the price of each of its individual parts. We were surprised to see how inexpensive each component was: the battery was $1.14; the camera was $5.66; the actual glass was $3.00. The most expensive individual piece was the processor, which still only came in at a measly $13.96.

A Google spokesperson has called’s findings “absolutely wrong,” the Wall Street Journal reports. acknowledges that its calculations are just estimates, and that they’re still working on conducting some deeper cost analysis. But then again, even if it turns out that they’re a few hundred dollars off, that still means Google’s selling Glass at a huge markup.

However this plays out, we think the real question here is why Google isn’t paying us to wear such embarrassing-looking face contraptions on the stylish streets of New York.