Here Are the Anonymous Mating Calls of the 12 Creepiest Techies at Internet Week

Because tech nerds need some lovin’ too.

(Screengrab: Twitter)

Is there anything more tragic than locking eyes with the cutest tech nerd at the conference, only to lose sight of them in the midst of all the miniature drones and robot demos?

Long lost lovers of the tech world are in luck. The new service In Real Life, Baby (#irlbb) allows people to anonymously tweet at their Internet Week missed connections.

The site, which is a promo for a new dating app, has Internet Week attendees calling out missed connections to say “holla!” They’re using clothing, from black rimmed glasses to viking hats, and places of connection, from the Yahoo booth to the coffee line, to identify the ones that got away in some sometimes clever, but more often cringeworthy anonymous tweets.

Here are a few of our faves.