Jolie Inspired Jewels

Even critics will crave jewelry inspired by Angelina Jolie's dark witch, Maleficent.




Honoring Angelina Jolie’s big screen return this month in Maleficent, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures collaborated on a fine jewelry collection invoking the rose and thorn themes of the movie.  Designed by Russian-based Daniel Belevitch, founder of highly covetable Moscow label Crow’s Nest, the jewels are designed to replicate the Medieval, fairytale elements that inspired Maleficent, the back story of the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty. Mr Belevitch’s signature, gothically inspired work for Crow’s Nest made him a natural choice for the Disney collaboration.


Maleficent Jewelry for Movie - PHOTO: Courtesy Crow's Nest Jewelry



“The Maleficent project enabled me to create a collection that is dramatic and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.” Said Mr Belevitch. “It’s fierce.”

Lavish Imagery reminiscent of Game of Thrones piles fantasy on to the seven pieces created by Mr Belevitch, including statement rings, wrist cuffs and an ear cuff in designs featuring feathers, thorns and dragons. Oddly colored red sapphires and black diamonds only add to the allure. Prices range from $5,720 for a horn cuff to $20,880 for a feather-shaped ring made of yellow gold and red sapphires.

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Jolie Inspired Jewels