‘MacArthur’s mansion’ actually Barnegat Light Borough Town Hall, campaign says

Congressional hopeful Tom MacArthur’s campaign is criticizing his opponent for issuing mailers that claimed to depict “MacArthur’s mansion” but is actually a photograph of Barnegat Light Borough’s town hall.

MacArthur’s campaign lashed out against Republican challenger Steve Lonegan for a mailer that shows the back of the town hall, billed as “Tom MacArthur’s mansion,” with the text: “Liberal Republican Tom MacArthur was willing to use a social engineering experiment to promote diversity in every neighborhood but his own. Isn’t that just like a liberal. It’s what they always do.”

However, MacArthur’s campaign notes, the image is not of MacArthur’s home.

“At best, Steve Lonegan’s photographer can’t read,” said MacArthur campaign spokesman Chris Russell. “At worst, Lonegan is a shameless liar who never lets facts get in the way.  His track record has me leaning towards the latter.”

In response, Lonegan spokesman Tim Kelly quipped, “The photographer made a mistake. MacArthur’s mansion and guest home, built on the backs of policy holders denied payment, is much bigger than that.”