On the Market: Citi Bike Owes Meter Money and One World Trade Center Cuts Rents

One WTC.

One WTC.

Another challenge for the already-troubled Citi Bike program? The Wall Street Journal reports that the program owes the city $1 million for parking revenue lost due to the placement of the racks, thanks to a rare provision in its contract with the city. Which, of course, the city could simply chose to overlook given the program’s popularity, but somewhat troubled financial situation.

Preservationists are upset that many of the city’s historic churches have been targeted for demolition or modification, the New York Post reports. Among them the French Evangelical Church and the Church of the Holy Innocents, which is scheduled for closure but may be saved.

The Atlantic Cities posits that the next hot thing in urban design may be smoker’s shelters. Just such a shelter in Des Moines, Iowa is attracting accolades from critics and has been lauded as “the sort of structure that has the feel of a private clubhouse for the tobacco-initiated.” Of course, this probably has no future in a space-starved place like New York.

Just months before it opens, One World Trade Center is cutting rents, The Wall Street Journal reports, as not one private tenant has signed a lease in three years. Rents will be slashed approximately 10 percent, as Durst admitted, “the market’s not there.” Let this be a lesson to the Port Authority, which is currently mulling providing financing for another World Trade Center tower.

The pricey portable bathrooms purchased for use in a section of the Rockaways will not be in use this summer, DNAinfo reports. Instead, sunbathers will need to use port-a-potties—an embarrassment for the city as the bathrooms were originally intended to be installed for the beach season of 2013.