On the Market: Bicycling Saves Rent Money and the Bronx Has Too Few Movie Theaters

Lihn H. Nguyen/flickr

Lihn H. Nguyen/flickr

The city has raised its water and sewer rates by 3.35 percent, Crain’s reports, the lowest increase in nine years, though it will give landlords fodder for complaints if the Rent Guidelines Board approves a zero percent increase this year.

Governor’s Island is now open for the season! And seven days a week at thatGothamist has paid the island a visit to check out its $260 million renovation. Though to get to its delightful red hammocks and Adirondack chairs, you’ll now need to pay $2 to ride the formerly free ferry.

The New York Times explores the fact that you can save a fair amount of money by living in neighborhoods that are inaccessible to the train if you don’t mind biking everywhere. Just don’t try to have non-cycling enthusiasts over to visit.

The police raided a controversial homeless shelter on the Upper West Side after an uptick in crime in the area, DNAinfo reports—a move that is sure to fuel neighbor’s opposition to the shelter after police found that 22 men in the shelter had outstanding warrants. However, no connection to the crimes has been established and homeless people often run afoul of police for quality of life violations.

It’s a hard thing to see a movie in the Bronx, The New York Times reports. Though it would rank as the sixth-largest city in the U.S. if it were one, it has only two theaters with a total of 23 screens after two of its theaters closed in the past year.