Pornhub To Plant Over 15,000 Trees To Celebrate Environment, Dicks

Finally, someone leveraging their user metrics for a good cause.

Pornhub took advantage of every pun imaginable, so that you didn't have to just think it. (Screengrab via Pornhub)

Pornhub took advantage of every pun imaginable, so that you didn’t have to just think them. (Screengrab via Pornhub)

For all of the environmentalists who were concerned that yet another Arbor Day had passed without anybody paying attention, think again — Pornhub never leaves a holiday unattended to.

In honor of Arbor Day (which was April 25th, if anyone noticed), Pornhub launched a weeklong campaign to support the environment, pledging one tree planted for every 100 videos watched in the “Big Dick” category, naturally.

The campaign concluded last night at midnight, after what we imagine was a breakneck race to the finish, at 15,473 trees.

“While you’re watching some nice pieces of ash, you’ll also be helping to spruce America up! (Bushes are optional),” says the official landing page for the campaign.

Though there aren’t any solid plans on exactly how or where the trees will be planted, Pornhub’s Public Relations Director told The Daily Dot that they’re considering working with an environmental organization to get the job done. We don’t imagine that they’ll go back on their pledge when their community put in so much effort — you know, for the environment.

Here at Betabeat, we’ve been particularly hard on companies that exploit, sell or repackage consumer data in order to turn a buck, so it’s nice to see a company put its user metrics to good work in the world.