'Silicon Valley' Cast: Peter Gregory Remains on Show Despite Actor's Untimely Death

"He'll be the voice controlling things."

Christopher Evan Welch (left) in one of his character's most memorable scenes. (Photo via HBO)

Christopher Evan Welch (left) in one of his character’s most memorable scenes. (Photo via HBO)

Although HBO’s Silicon Valley is a hilarious critical and commercial darling, a pall has hung over the press surrounding its first season due to the untimely death of one of its cast members.

Christopher Evan Welch, who plays Peter Gregory, died of a heart attack midway through the filming of the season. He was 48.

Two weeks ago, viewers saw his last episode, where it was revealed that Peter Gregory and his arch rival, Gavin Belson, used to be his close friends. Mr. Welch died shortly after shooting that episode. In a subsequent episode, he is mentioned but not shown.

In an interview with Larry King, cast members said that Mr. Welch’s character isn’t being written out of the show, and that future episodes will have mention of Peter Gregory, as last week’s episode did.

“His presence is felt,” Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Dinesh, said. “We talk about him.”

“I think he’ll become like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels,” TJ Miller, who plays Erlich, said. “He’ll be the voice controlling things.”

The loss of Mr. Welch is a big hit to the show, Mr. Miller said.

“He was, I think we’d all agree unanimously, the funniest part of the show,” he said. “It’s not as funny of a show.”

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