Such Beats: Doge-Themed Record Label Opens in London

They're releasing their first album May 7.

Doge Records' logo (Facebook)

Doge Records’ logo (Facebook)

Because life officially imitates the Internet, a doge-themed record label now exists in London. The label, called Doge Records, is putting out its first album on May 7. Such 2014!

As far as we can tell, there’s nothing explicitly doge-ish about the record label, save for its logo — that trademark perplexed Shiba Inu face — and the way it describes its upcoming release on Soundcloud:

“Wow.. Such release. Very house. Much vinyl! The wise meme-tainted words of Doge ring out wide across the internet and now come stamped onto wax with this mysterious white label release, featuring analogue house cuts spanning Chicago, Detroit, New York… This be the fiyaaaah! Limited run so don’t sleep!”

Otherwise, the label’s offerings sound like pretty standard house music, which is a little disappointing — we were expecting raps in doge language, or maybe even music performed by actual Shiba Inus. The upcoming album features four house tracks by anonymous artists.

The label’s owner, who sketchily refers to himself as “John,” told Dazed Digital he chose the name Doge because it’s “a pretty significant figure in the modern age.” Well, John, you’re right about that.

He also said, “The house music community haven’t exactly fallen over themselves to embrace him, so I thought it was about time that changed.” We weren’t aware that doge had been actively embraced by any music community, in particular, but ~sure~ John.

Doge Records plans on putting out three to four releases a year, Dazed Digital reports. The first album is available for preorder on Kristina Records.

Here’s a taste of what’s sure to be a musical masterpiece:

(h/t) The Telegraph

Such Beats: Doge-Themed Record Label Opens in London