The Associated Press Found Bushwick


Roberta’s, a restaurant in Bushwick that puts kale on pizza.

It’s taken a while, but the Associated Press finally discovered Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Like Williamsburg, another neighborhood in Brooklyn, Bushwick has “trendy cafes and street art” and pizza covered in kale.

But Bushwick is cheaper, so artists can still afford to gentrify the historically working class neighborhood.

For the last few years, a neighborhood called Williamsburg has been the epicenter of Brooklyn cool. But with prices for Williamsburg condos hitting $4 million and up, young creative types are migrating to trendier — and less expensive — ground. They seem to have found it in nearby Bushwick, known for colorful street art (please don’t call it graffiti!) and kale pizza at a place called Roberta’s.

Of course, there are people who have lived in Bushwick for years aren’t happy about getting priced out by creative types who sell “found objects” like “hand-cranked candles wound around a coil.”

But this up-and-coming hip hamlet, where Girls actress Zosia Mamet recently bought a pink building for a million dollars, is attracting foodies (restaurants sell “intriguing vegetable sides”), Italian photographers looking for loft space and people who live in Williamsburg but need to hop on the L train to find the hipsters.

Wait, what’s that? You’ve already heard of Bushwick? Well, now the wire service is on it and newspaper readers across this great land have, too.

Does this mean that Bushwick is now Normcore? What’s Normcore? Wait a few years and we are sure that the Associated Press will explain what that means.

The Associated Press Found Bushwick