This App Will Help You Plan a Fabulous North Korean Vacation

Spring Break 2015, anyone?

Sign us up for everything! (Screengrab: iTunes)

Sign us up for everything! (Screengrab: iTunes)

Few things are more stressful than planning the perfect North Korean vacation. Which Kim Jong Un statues are most fun to visit? Which buildings are tourists strictly forbidden from entering? Which stores are best for purchasing “authentic” North Korean gadgetry?

Thankfully, there’s a new app called North Korea Travel, which aims to help users plan trips to the secretive country — or just learn more about it, without having to trust the country’s highly reliable state-run news site.

The app, which claims to offer “unparalleled access to the Hermit Kingdom,” features photos and information on daily life, history, culture and over 350 North Korean locations. It also offers “Tour Guide Tips” — “insider information on every single place you can visit, all written by a British guide with over ten years’ experience working in North Korea,” its description in the App Store says.

The app was created by Uniquely.Travel, a company that aims to make it easier for people to travel to secluded countries.

For those really determined to pull a Dennis Rodman and visit the DPRK, North Korea Travel also lets you build a customized tour, and get competitive price quotes from top North Korean travel agencies. Apparently, there’s a social element, too — invite friends to use the app, and receive discounts toward booking your holiday (the actual booking, as far as we can tell, still has to completed outside the app).

You can even use the app once you get to North Korea, even if you can’t access the country’s limited Internet — the app has a convenient offline mode.

And hey, even if you can’t score a closely-guarded North Korean tourist visa, exploring the app is probably almost just as good as being in the actual country. Plus, no jet lag!

(h/t Tech in Asia)