This Fake Finger Looks Like a Sex Toy But Is Actually a Phone Stylus

It extends your thumb so you can use big smartphones with one hand.

Uh, cool? (Ratoken)

Uh, cool? (Ratoken)

When it comes to bizarre smartphone accessories that make you question the future of humankind, Japan is on top of its game. Now, a Japanese company called Ratoken has released what might be the strangest product we’ve seen yet — and yes, we did report on those edible iPhone cases.

Ratoken is now selling the “Phablet finger,” the Daily Mail reports. Worn like a finger puppet, the fake finger extends the user’s thumb by 15mm, allegedly making it easier to operate smartphones with larger screens — like the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6 or the enormous Samsung Galaxy Mega.

A stylus pen is embedded within the Phablet finger, meaning you’ll still be able to click on small icons even though you’re wearing a big, fat, fake thumb.

But seriously — is operating a smartphone with two hands really so cumbersome that you’d rather sport a gross rubber thumb sleeve that, let’s be honest, looks a little like a sex toy? Plus, holding your smartphone with two hands instead of one probably makes it less snatch-able to rampant thieves.

If you’re somehow still interested, the Phablet finger can be yours for 1,480 yen, or US$14.50.