Tinder-Inspired Web Series Releases Third Hilarious Episode

"You like house music?"

Mr. Hines plays party boy Kenny in the latest installment of "Local Attraction." (Screengrab: YouTube)

Mr. Hines plays party boy Kenny in the latest installment of “Local Attraction.” (Screengrab: YouTube)

Going on a first date tonight? Rest assured it probably won’t be as painful as this one.

“Local Attraction,” the hilarious Tinder-inspired web series that’s already well exceeded its Kickstarter goal, released its third episode today.

In this installment, the talented Connor Hines (who also writes and directs the series) plays Kenny, a house music-loving party boy who’s “in between” jobs and currently working at Sephora. Amanda Shechtman plays Kenny’s date, Lisa, who makes documentaries about international crises.

As in “Local Attraction”‘s previous two episodes, Mr. Hines’s character spews out some intensely cringeworthy lines — like when he describes the previous night’s house concert as “musical thunderbolts coming down from the heavens,” or when he announces his cologne is “Thrust by Ray J by J.C. Penney,” or when he explains why he subscribes to so many different dating services: “The wider the net the bigger the catch – quantity-wise, that is. I’m not looking to hook an orca.”

Dig in to the full serving of awkwardness here: