Uber Is Delivering Air Conditioners This Weekend To New York's Laziest

It's called "UberCOOL." Yes, we see what they did there.

Need these guys? There's an app for that. (Photo via Getty

Need these guys? There’s an app for that. (Photo via Getty)

Ah, the first days of summer, when haven’t installed your air conditioner, and therefore spend days and days sweating through bed sheets until you can’t take it anymore. But maybe it’s not that you’re too lazy to drag your AC out from the floor of your closet — maybe you don’t even own an AC.

In that case, Uber has you covered. For the next three weekends, Uber is teaming up with product design company Quirky to deliver air conditioners to New Yorkers to help promote Aros, Quirky’s new smart air conditioner. You just punch in the code UberCOOL into the Uber app you already have, and pony up $300.

“Lugging an air conditioner up six flights of stairs is no easy feat!” Uber wrote on their blog.

So wait, does that mean that Uber drivers are now going to be carrying air conditioners upstairs? We’re not exactly sure they signed up for that. The sharing economy is wonderful!

This isn’t Uber’s first seasonal stunt — this past Christmas, Uber had its drivers deliver Christmas trees with the code UberTREE. We’re looking forward to Valentines Day, when Uber will hopefully deliver Ben & Jerry’s and a box of kleenex using the code UberDUMPED.