Your Favorite Shows as Nail Art

True Detective: Via Pintrest
The Walking Dead: Via Pintrest
Game of Thrones: Via Lost in Lacquer
Breaking Bad: Via Zapiski
Hannibal: ViaNail It!
Grey's Anatomy: Via We Love Soaps
Supernatural: Via The Nail Art Show
Hannibal:Nail It!
Lost: Via DeviantArt

I have no patience for nail art. Seriously, who is able to sit still for hours watching the cuticle equivalent of paint drying? The first (and last) time I bought into this trend, it cost me $80 and three years of my life that I’ll never get back, and it lasted about two weeks.

Still, I might reconsider the whole enterprise if I could find someone who could do the level of detail necessary for capturing Walter White’s visage, or the Dharma Initiative logo. In fact, there are some amazing TV-themed nail projects on the web right now. Click through the slideshow to see our favorites.

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