Amazon to Launch Service Marketplace and Continue Attempt at Worldwide Dominiation

Amazon will begin offering babysitters and handymen this year.

Does Prime apply to this guy? (Scgreengrab: YouTube).

Does Prime apply to this guy? (Scgreengrab: YouTube).

If you haven’t heard, Amazon is adding a thing or five to continue expanding whilst capturing our hopeless devotion.

Two weeks after announcing the addition of 9,000 robots to their workforce, the company revealed their plan to open a marketplace for local services.

The new marketplace will enable consumers to use Amazon to find people who can help them with home repairs, haircuts, massages, babysitting and any other services, Reuters reported.

The company has been experimenting with ways to integrate services with their products. One example, Reuters reports, was a test offering of installation services for Nest thermostats.

The combination of reviews, products and their corresponding services will truly make Amazon a one-stop shop.

The company will test out the service marketplace in one city before rolling out the full version, similarly to how Amazon Fresh, their grocery delivery service, was tested in Seattle for years before it expanded.

Damn it, Amazon. You’ve done it again.