Balls Just Hang Out in VH1’s First Clip of ‘Dating Naked’ (Video)

But, seriously

I’ll just come right out and say it: the first teaser from VH1’s Dating Naked is the best 13 seconds of nudity I’ve experienced since high school.

It just packs so much into such a small package. And that’s not even a balls joke. But speaking of balls, the only line of dialogue that VH1 picked to entice viewers into watching this show is “Look at this sexy man. Nice smile, good body, balls just hangin’ out.” Shut up and take my money, VH1. I have so many questions that I need to see more. Why are they on an island? Is a sandy beach really conducive to dating in the nude? Is this a dating show or just Survivor Naked? Can someone make Survivor Naked?

In fact, thanks to this clip, all show titles should henceforth be followed by the word “naked.” Make it happen VH1, you pioneers.