Beyonce and Gucci Ring in More Change

One year on, Chime For Change celebrates fundraising initiatives for women and girls.

GUCCI Fifth Avenue Cocktail Event with Creative Director FRIDA GIANNINI in Celebration of the First Anniversary of Chime for Change

Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini


Yesterday evening saw Beyonce and Gucci’s Frida GIannini gather a forceful gang of powerful ladies together to celebrate one year since the launch of their joint initiative, Chime For Change. The venue was the revamped Gucci flagship store on Fifth Avenue, and a swirl of secrecy surrounded proceedings until the event rolled out, largely under the radar of many of the city’s most determined paparazzi. Ms Knowles-Carter announced that she would be donating $500,000 to fund Chime For Change projects for girls and women in the areas of Education, Health and Justice. More evidence, as if it was needed – that Ms Knowles-Carter supports the causes she sings about, namely self-pride and empowerment for women and girls which are core values of Chime For Change, while recognising the practical assistance only financial donations can bring.

GUCCI Fifth Avenue Cocktail Event with Creative Director FRIDA GIANNINI in Celebration of the First Anniversary of Chime for Change

Frida Giannini, Beyonce, Blake Lively

So far, Chime For Change, launched with a concert at England’s Twickenham Stadium last year which saw Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Madonna sharing a stage, has funded projects including prenatal care for 14,135 pregnant women in Liberia, mentorship and training of 988 women in Afghanistan and 658 adolescent girls in Nigeria, and the distribution of neonatal tetanus prevention vaccines in Cambodia. Closer to home, Chime For Change has also funded low-income parent initiatives for families in Los Angeles, advising on how to support their children’s learning and education. In fact, Chime For Change’s work spreads further than all this, more information can be found on their website. The point is, the charity has created a focal point for girls  and women’s fundraising globally, providing a platform of inspiration spearheaded by the Italian fashion house and the world’s most talked-about woman.

Guests enjoyed cocktails and chat yesterday evening, as contacts were exchanged and stars including James Franco and Pedro Andrade mingled with Chime For Change Advisory Board members and supporters. Ms Knowles-Carter and Ms Giannini sparkled in white Gucci, while Blake Lively dazzled in yellow. Deborah Needleman, Editor of the New York Times ‘T’ magazine co-hosted the event, her title will feature Ms Knowles-Carter on the cover this weekend.  As part of the one year celebrations for Chime For Change, Gucci will donate 10% of sales in its Fifth Avenue flagship store from June 2 – June 5 to further support CFC initiatives.

All photos: Getty Images/Gucci