Dorm Ceiling Collapses on Student, Columbia Suggests It’s Really NBD

She gave it more than the old college try


Since when do Ivy League schools fault students for being smart?

Columbia University is trying to prove there is such thing as being too smart for your own good.

In May 2010, Veronica Couzo was moving into her dorm on West 111th Street when the ceiling came crashing down on top of her. Concrete, plaster and tiles fell onto her head, leaving her with a herniated disk. The damage, she claimed, was the result of years of housing neglect on the part of the university. A year later she filed a lawsuit.

But even when Ms. Cuozo told Columbia lawyers she had trouble sleeping and needed to take muscle relaxers due to her injury, the Ivy League school wasn’t so quick to sympathize. Ms. Cuozo, now 26, had just graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame Law School—the damage clearly hadn’t been that bad.

Columbia’s lawyers were dismissive of her head injuries after Ms. Cuozo confirmed that she never allowed the episode to get in the way of her academic success.

She told the Post, “‘They treat me like, ‘You’re totally fine. You’re making this up.’”

But maybe Columbia could take a note from Ms. Cuozo’s book in terms of ambition—according to city records, the dorm building is still in disrepair.