Finally: Bushwick Bar Comes Equipped With Phone Charging Stations

It won't help with our antisocial tendencies, but it sure is convenient.

The Left Hand Path. (Photo via

The Left Hand Path. (Photo via

When your cell phone dies during a night out, it’s either a blessing (now I don’t have to answer any more texts and there’s no way I can leave my ex a drunken voicemail!) or a curse (how the f&*# am I going to find my way home?).

If you’re barhopping in Bushwick and you find yourself with the bad kind of dead phone, have no fear: the new bar Left Hand Path will hook you up with a phone charger directly under your spot at the bar.

The Left Hand Path provides you with “personal USB ports and outlets built right into the bar, so your iPhone won’t die,” Bedford + Bowery reports. As a bonus, the decor is Mad Men-inspired and there’s an outdoor drinking section.

This new development is right up there with the non-ugly purse charger we learned about last year. Now we just have to pray that personal charging stations become as popular as fake taxidermy in the rest of Brooklyn’s bars.