Goldman Sachs Interns Victimized by Yik Yak Users Because Goldman Sachs

Goldman interns succumb to victim status in Yik Yak mockery

A screenshot of the Goldman hate on the NYC Yik Yak.

A screenshot of the Goldman hate on New York’s Yik Yak.

“GS interns post their resumes in their Tinder bios.”

This is a line from one of the many attacks on Goldman Sachs summer interns on Yik Yak, the location-based anonymous discussion (read: bullying) app.

The app is infamously known as a forum for attacking women, minorities, homosexuals, everyone, and now Goldman Sachs interns. Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow has called Yik Yak the “most dangerous app [he’s] ever seen” on Fox News.

The anonymous posts range from funny jabs—“Goldman interns wear sandals with socks”—to outright offensive entries like “god hates fags and GS interns.”

Neither Goldman Sachs employees nor interns could not be reached for comment on the story, probably because they are too busy slaving over Excel spreadsheets.

Although it is somewhat ambiguous as to why Goldman Sachs summer interns are the new victims of Yik Yakers, New York speculates it’s a product of their massive salary and 2% acceptance rate into the firm’s internship program.

So we’ll probably say that Goldman interns are too busy making $15,000 this summer to care about Yik Yak.