Governors Island World Cup Viewing Party Kicks Off Today at 4 p.m.

Don't drop the ball on this one

Opening Ceremony Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The opening ceremony. (Getty)

This may make your World Cup viewing plans seem pretty lame.

From the opening match to the closing ceremony, Governors Beach Club will be broadcasting every goal, every fake injury, every bitter defeat and every satisfying win on their big outdoor screen, free to the public. ESPN even chipped in to pay for extended ferry hours when the U.S. is playing—even though Coach Jurgen Klinsmann doubts we stand a chance.

The genius who came up with this brilliant way to help you avoid packed bars and neighborly noise complaints wasn’t driven by a fanatical love of soccer. Cathy Lang Ho is a design journalist who wanted to put her theories about public space to good use.

In other words, Ms. Ho is the referee. Here’s your chance to get off the sidelines.