Instagram Adds More Photo Editing Functions Than Anyone Could Want

This is the biggest update since they changed all the filters.

You can edit this photo of an omelet EVEN MORE. (Screengrab via Instagram)

You can edit this photo of an omelet EVEN MORE. (Screengrab via Instagram)

When Instagram users update their apps this morning, they’ll find a slew of new editing options to drive them and their followers even more batty.

Instagram 6.0’s updates will keep users inside the app longer and prevent them from seeking editing options in other apps.

The new features include brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadow, vignette and sharpening editing, all complete with sliders that allow you to adjust the effects, Recode reports. You can also tap filters to adjust their strength and add a border, and tap the photo preview to compare your photo before and after edting.

“We wanted to give people the ability to play with photos and not have to pay,” Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom told Kara Swisher. “We think it will be amazing for pros and fun for the casual user.”

This still doesn’t negate the need for other photo apps completely. Instagram still weirdly doesn’t have a feature to replicate Pic Stitch’s orderly collaging abilities. It also doesn’t (and realistically won’t) have anything like the Selfie app, which allows users to airbrush their zits away and essentially give their photographic selves on-the-fly cosmetic procedures.

One thing’s for sure: the new features aren’t going to help cure us of our Instagram addiction. And we thought choosing a filter was time-consuming.