LeVar Burton Mad With Power in New ‘Reading Rainbow’ Video

Levar Burton, Lord and Commander of the Nostalgia Watch for the wildling millennials, is currently in the process of launching a campaign to increase his realm. Not content to simply be remembered as Jordi and/or the guy behind that TV show about books that wasn’t hosted by a dog (Wishbone!), Mr. Burton has raised $3.5 million on Kickstarter to bring back the beloved PBS show Reading Rainbow. And he’s not taking any “bullshit” criticism from the show’s detractors, because Burton is boss.

But are Mr. Burton’s intentions truly pure? As this new Funny Or Die video suggests, dabbling with literacy is a dicy business, especially when it gives you god-like powers over mere mortals.

Reading Rainbow's New Theme Song with LeVar Burton from LeVar Burton

Dark words, dark deeds. Still, it’s not half as creepy as Slowed Down Reading Rainbow.