Maureen Dowd Can’t Write Barefoot

Maureen DowdNew York Times columnist and edible pot survivor Maureen Dowd explained that “she can’t compose her columns barefoot; the copy only flows when she’s wearing shoes,” when asked about her writing process during a panel discussion at the Cannes Lions festival this afternoon, the New York Post reports.

Ms. Dowd also took credit for introducing Barack Obama to Mad Men when he was a presidential candidate “because she felt he would connect with its main theme— solitude.” But even though Ms. Dowd claims responsiblity for telling the president about a hit AMC show (we have a feeling he may have heard about it anyway), Mr. Obama told her that she’s “irritating.”

The panel discussion, called “Storytelling with Story Creators” featured PBS Masterpiece producer Rebecca Eaton, as well as Ms. Dowd. Aaron Sorkin was also supposed to be there but the screenwriter cancelled due to “production issues.” Mr. Sorkin gave storytelling advice to the panel via Ms. Dowd, who is also his ex-girlfriend.

“When your main character is up against a wall, shove him up against it harder,” Ms. Dowd told the audience on Mr. Sorkin’s behalf.