Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He is Not a Blonde Bombshell

Bill de Blasio: blonde? (Photo: Twitter)

Bill de Blasio: blonde? (Photo: Twitter)

Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters he is just as in the dark as they are about why his hair appeared lighter in a photo taken yesterday.

At a press conference in the Bronx, Mr. de Blasio addressed his apparent transformation into a blonde in a picture posted on Twitter of himself wearing a Team USA soccer jersey. News outlets and Twitter were abuzz yesterday about whether Mr. de Blasio had dyed his hair.

The pol swore he had done nothing to turn his normally silver locks to gold, and vowed to discover the cause of the color shift.

“My hair has not changed,” the mayor said at an unrelated press conference in the Bronx, shaking his again-ashen mane, and suggesting that the photographer might have fiddled with the image. “We will figure out what he did to that photo. I want a full investigation!”

Mr. de Blasio encouraged the public to be on the lookout for future sudden, and possibly more exotic, changes in the shade of his coiffure.

“If tomorrow my hair is green, we’ll know who’s behind it,” the mayor said.