Morning Media Mix: Politico Launches a Journalism Institute

morning-media-mix1Politico launches a journalism institute for college students “focused on training the next generation of journalists and supporting diversity in Washington newsrooms.” (Politico)

New York Times scion and author of the paper’s leaked Innovation Report A.G. Sulzberger’s star is on the rise. “There was nary a source who had anything but praise for the guy. (Grain of salt: Would you say anything but nice things about your potential future boss?)” (Capital New York)

Conservative pundit and radio personality Laura Ingram was instrumental in Eric Cantor’s defeat. (The New York Times)

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is starting two new categories: journalism and crafts. So, what will this mean for the craft of journalism? (Kickstarter)

Is Pulitzer-prize winning, former Times reporter and “lefty hero” Chris Hedges a plagiarist? (The New Republic)