Morning Media Mix: #YesAllWomenJournalists

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

The war on women journalists continues, according to Cindy Adams. The latest example? Longtime radio personality Joan Hamburg was pushed out of WOR. “A pro, too classy to complain, this lady won’t diss the station. She says, ‘If they want new merchandise . . . it’s their candy store.’ So, me, I’m saying their execution reeked of Guantanamo’s finishing school,” Ms. Adams wrote. (New York Post)

The Supreme Court turned down an appeal from The New York Times reporter James Risen, who is facing jail for refusing to identify a confidential source in a chapter of his 2006 book State of War. (The New York Times)

What makes for a good journalist doesn’t necessarily make for a good manager. This comes as a surprise to no one who has ever worked in a newsroom. (Columbia Journalism Review)

Yesterday, Bloomberg announced that it had hired Paul Caine to be its new chief revenue officer. “As chief revenue officer, my goal is clear: it’s revenue,” Mr. Caine, who held the same position at Time, Inc before leaving for a radio syndicator last year, said. Well, sounds like he really understands the position. (The Wall Street Journal)

Ayesha Siddiqi, who we reported was out as BuzzFeed’s ideas editor last week, is taking over as editor in chief of The New Inquiry. (The New Inquiry)