New X-Ray Gun Could Allow Military to Quickly Find That Baggy of Cocaine in Your Butt

The toaster-sized gun can penetrate an airplane wing.

Look innocuous enough. (Photo via AS&E)

Look innocuous enough. (Photo via AS&E)

Because TSA full-body scans weren’t invasive enough, US military contractor American Science & Engineering has gone ahead and developed an X-ray gun called the MINI Z.

The gun can see through fabric, rubber and aluminum “to find drugs, money, explosive liquids and even people,” Defense One reports.

From Defense One:

“It’s about the size of a breadbox and works with the press of a button, allowing the user to actually see the outline of organic material buried behind cloth, leather or even aluminum by running the X-ray gun over the material and zapping it with low-level X-rays.”

The device can find bricks of cocaine, paper, ammonia and potentially explosive materials. And wouldn’t you know it — the same company that makes the TSA scanners, American Science and Engineering, also created this new development in government-ordered creepiness.

Of course, X-ray technology is nothing new. The major development here is that the MINI Z is about the size of a toaster, Defense One says. It took AS&E about seven years to shrink the device down from the size of a truck.

Perhaps the weirdest part of all: AS&E tested the scanner on a Windows-powered tablet. Sounds cool and all, but call us when it’s available on iOS.