Notorious Graffiti Artist Canned for Instagram Activity

Whether you go with XX-Pro or Valencia, you can't filter out the law

Really subtle. (Photo: Instagram)

Really subtle. (Photo: Instagram)

A graffiti artist has landed behind bars in the name of #art.

Peter Podsiadlo, better know as notorious graffiti artist SEMP, was arrested Wednesday on a number of felony charges. Mr. Podsiadlo incriminated himself through obnoxious social media activity and his #SEMP516 Instagram moniker.

According to the New York Postthe artist was arraigned on 23 counts of vandalism in criminal court.

Mr. Podsiadlo was previously arrested in March for possession of graffiti instruments.

Police were able to arraign him based on @SEMP516’s ‘grams of his signature on walls, underpasses and bridges around Queens.

“He’s one of the more prodigious taggers in the city,” a source told the Post. “This guy was asking for it, advertising it so blatantly online.”

Ah, the drawbacks of social media relevance.