Real Estate App Tries to Stand Out With Rap Video About Apartment Scams

It's actually worth watching.

Master B-Rad, you got the pad (Screengrab: YouTube).

Master B-Rad, you got the pad (Screengrab: YouTube).

With so many real estate apps and sites already out there, how does one stand out? A rap video, obviously.

RadPad is a real estate listing app that describes focuses on providing quality photos with each of its listings;  it describes itself as “the Instagram meets Craigslist mobile rental marketplace.”

In “Here Goes the Neighborhood,” a rap video they bizarrely released yesterday, Master B-Rad sympathizes with those who are still living with mom and dad while warning them of the classic rental scams including catfishing and the bait and switch.

Although we know it’s just an advertisement for their service, the song is still surprisingly catchy. The quality of the video isn’t half bad either.

If you’re really interested, here are the lyrics.