RJ Mitte Wishes Walter White a Happy Father’s Day (video)

"Most dads say lame knock-knock jokes, but you, you were the one who knocks"

I love my dad, really. And I always look forward to Fathers Day. But in this new video from Screen Junkies RJ Mitte, famous for portraying Walter Jr. on Breaking Bad, makes some good points.

“A lot of fathers say they would do anything to provide for their family,” Mr. Mitte points out. “Be it cooking meth, poisoning a child or choking a man named Crazy Eight with a bike lock.”

He’s right. To the best of my knowledge and no matter how many times I asked, my dad never choked a man named Crazy Eight with a bike lock. Mr. Mitte goes on to list some more notable Heisenberg accomplishments. “Instead of spending your dying days with your wife and children, you chose to spend them spraying a white supremacist drug syndicate with an automatic machine gun, which was was fucking awesome.”

Walter White. Best. Dad. Ever.