Social Media Prenups: Post an Ugly Pic, Pay Your Spouse $50k

Does it extend to unflattering Snapchats?

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

As if marriage wasn’t a scary enough proposition for the noncommittal millennial generation, ABCNews reports that now, couples are arranging social media prenups to establish what they’re allowed to post about each other.

Ann-Margaret Carrozza, a New York attorney who specializes in estate planning, shared news of the mini-trend. From ABCNews:

“A typical social media clause will state that couples can’t post nude photos, embarrassing photos or photos or posts that are likely to harm a spouse’s professional reputation, Carrozza said. Her clients don’t pick and choose between what’s acceptable for Facebook versus Instagram, but do more of a blanket provision for all social media.”

Clients who violate the clause have to pay their spouses an amount that’s laid out ahead of time in the agreement for every transgression.

“We want to be able to contractually limit the damage,” she told ABCNews. “The damage is psychological, in the case of humiliating posts and tweets and pictures out there, and it’s economic because my career prospects are harmed.”

When you put it like that, it kind of makes sense. Your online reputation can have a real impact on your life nowadays, and your spouse is likely the person with access to your most potentially damaging photos or videos.

The agreements can also cut down on divorce court squabbling because spouses will be less likely to blackmail each other or talk about their breakup on social media, ABCNews reports. So, for example, if you’re getting a divorce, you can’t tweet about it without having to pay your spouse, based on the prenup. Bad for gossip press, but good for preserving the dignity of everyone involved.

Frankly, it’s no weirder than hiring a social media wedding consultant.