There's Now an Instagram-Only TV Series Because Our Attention Spans Are Shot Hey What's That Over There

God help us.

A shot from the series (Photo via

A shot from the series (Photo via

For many millennials, each weekday can feel like a never-ending trudge through a festering swamp full of tweets, status updates, likes, tags, Vines, snaps, listicles and quizzes.

It’s tough to remember why we started engaging in these social networks in the first place, only to become more and more addicted to this endless stream of cheap stimuli. Worst of all, it’s rendered many of us unable to focus on traditional forms of media such as, you know, books, movies and even 22-minute TV shows.

That’s where the new series “Artistically Challenged” comes in. Created by Aleks Arcabascio, Jeremy Boros and Samuel Delmara, it lives exclusively on Instagram at @actheseries. It’ll be blasted out into the world in seven 15-second chunks, starting July 1. True, that’s a little more commitment than watching two Vines in a row, but millennials might be able to handle it.

The show is about Nick, a young artist living in New York City who “struggles with failure and obscurity,” as young artists are wont to do. “A small lie makes him a celebrity overnight,” the series’ website reads, “but Nick soon realizes that his tiny fib comes with a large price tag.”

The three filmmakers involved have impressive resumes, having attended NYU Tisch and worked on other projects. Aleks Arabascio even has experience with Betabeat/Observer fave Above Average. Judging by these résumés, the series does sound promising, even if it makes us a little nervous about the prospect of all media being condensed into tiny chunks seemingly designed to help bored teens kill time while waiting in line.

We won’t be surprised if most of the viewers fall off before the end, though. Seven is like, a lot of episodes.

(h/t Engadget)