This New Google Glass App Lets You Make Money From Streaming Your Every Move

You could also be featured in a live broadcast and not know it.

Let your friends watch you do ~cool stuff~ in real time. (LiveLens)

Let your friends watch you do ~cool stuff~ in real time. (LiveLens)

Livelens, the video app that’s probably best known for using Nelson Mandela’s funeral interpreter in an advertisement, is now available on Google Glass.

The Tel Aviv-based app lets users record and stream live video to their friends followers. Users can also monetize their live streams by charging people to watch their videos. The app’s availability on Google Glass means you can literally live vicariously through your friends — at least those who are Explorers. You’ll be able to watch their live actions as if it were through their own eyes.

“We’re excited to expand into the growing sector of wearables and we believe our Google Glass application provides a fascinating experience for broadcasting your life,” Livelens CEO Max Bluvband said in a press release.

Of course, we can see how a Google Glass app that lets users stream live video might upset people who are already worried about the device’s privacy implications. It’s admittedly scary that a Glass wearer could simply look in your direction, and simultaneously be broadcasting your live actions to their thousands of followers. It’s one thing if a friend posts a photo to Instagram without your knowing — you can still ask them to take it down. A live broadcast, on the other hand, is irreversible.

Then again, Glass wearers are still human beings, we’re told. And anyway, even if you do get unknowingly recorded on Livelens, our privacy’s already down the toilet, so it’s hard to get super worked up about it.

Additionally, it seems iffy, legally, that someone could make money from footage recorded at, say, a Beyoncé concert — though it might be hard to record that footage in the first place, as entertainment venues have been known to crack down on Glass wearers.

We hope the Livelens Google Glass app gets some serious celebrity endorsers. We’d unashamedly love to experience twerking through they eyes of Miley. Or picking at salad through the eyes of Kourtney Kardashian.