tvRoundup: Bill de Blasio Is Awkward, and Brian Williams Raps

– Your morning isn’t cringe-worthingly awkward yet. I can tell. Here’s a video of Bill de Blasio being forced to sing “I Love LA” on Jimmy Kimmel to fix that.

– Some of the writers at the Colbert Report are pretty darn smart, and they want to make other TV scripts sound pretty darn smart, too.

РFor those who are Communists missed the match, the US soccer team actually won a World Cup game yesterday, beating their nemesis Ghana. Yeah, we sure showed Ghana.

– Having trouble defining what a spoiler is? Here’s a long, exhaustive look at the internet troll’s greatest weapon.

– Still a little shaky from that de Blasio video? Understandable. Watch Brian Williams “rapping” “Baby Got Back” to help soothe you.