tvRoundup: Bill de Blasio Is Awkward, and Brian Williams Raps

– Your morning isn’t cringe-worthingly awkward yet. I can tell. Here’s a video of Bill de Blasio being forced to sing “I Love LA” on Jimmy Kimmel to fix that.

– Some of the writers at the Colbert Report are pretty darn smart, and they want to make other TV scripts sound pretty darn smart, too.

– For those who are Communists missed the match, the US soccer team actually won a World Cup game yesterday, beating their nemesis Ghana. Yeah, we sure showed Ghana.

– Having trouble defining what a spoiler is? Here’s a long, exhaustive look at the internet troll’s greatest weapon.

– Still a little shaky from that de Blasio video? Understandable. Watch Brian Williams “rapping” “Baby Got Back” to help soothe you.