tvRoundup: Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi Star as Gay Couple in ‘Vicious’ (video)

– Vicious, a sitcom starring veteran actors Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as a gay couple, made its PBS debut last night and of course it had to have some sort of controversy behind it. Honestly, watch this season preview and try to be mad. The only other show that has more chemistry than Mr. McKellen and Mr. Jacobi have together is Breaking Bad. And if that doesn’t sell you, let me point out that yes, that is Ramsay Snow looking incredibly un-Ramsay Snow-like. 

– Want to know why live TV is the most beautiful thing in the world? I present exhibit A…

– …and Exhibit B. If you’re wondering, that is in fact Erykah Badu in the hat.

– In case you forgot, Damon Lindelof is still really nervous about you liking The Leftovers, and still feels really bad about Lost.

– Frozen and Game of Thrones mashup? Frozen and Game of Thrones mashup. Happy Monday, everybody.