tvRoundup: More Shows About Naked People, Courtesy of TLC (video)

– About a week ago, I wrote a post about VH1’s Dating Naked, and joked that every show from now on should have the word naked in it. Well, TLC’s Buying Naked premieres tomorrow. I WASN’T SERIOUS, TLC.

– Breaking News: Gordon Ramsay does not in fact have God-like powers. More than 60-percent of the restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares are now closed.

– Seth MacFarlane gave LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow reboot attempt a big boost, promising to match up to $1 million on the project’s Kickstarter. I may be wrong, but I think the reason for MacFarlane’s support may be because he actually cannot read.

– The Daredevil Netflix series has cast Hunger Games actor Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson. Fans of the Daredevil comic know Foggy as the person who allows his blind best friend to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Daily Show bid farewell to long time writer J.R. Havlan, who has been around longer than Jon Stewart himself.