tvRoundup: ‘Veep,’ Foo Fighters and The Red Viper

Every. Single. Recap of Veep’s episode “The Debate” analyzed one thing — Selina’s new haircut.

– R.I.P to Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from The Brady Bunch. 

– HBO released the first teaser for Sonic Highways, a docu-series that follows the Foo Fighters as they record in eight legendary studios. Foo Fighters frontman/possible greatest man on Earth Dave Grohl will direct and host.


-Britain’s Got Talent? More like Britain has no ratings. Sick burn.

– For those who missed the Oberyn Martell vs. The Mountain fight from last night’s Game of Thrones, Twitter sums it up pretty perfectly.



tvRoundup: ‘Veep,’ Foo Fighters and The Red Viper