Well Done: Warren Buffett Auctions Multi-Million Dollar Steak Dinner

Going once, going twice?

Warren Buffett

Consider Warren Buffett at face value.

When dining with the third richest person in the world, you’d think he would foot the bill.

For the 15th year, Daddy Warbucks—er, Warren Buffett—is auctioning off private lunches to support the Glide Foundation, a charity that gives food and healthcare to the poor and works to end cycles of violence in San Francisco. The bidding began on Sunday night, opening at $25,000 and since climbing to $350,300 after only 33 bids. The winner will be announced on Friday, and will enjoy what we at The Observer sincerely hope is the best steak of his or her life at Midtown’s Smith & Wollensky.

The highest bid has exceeded $1 million across the board, with 2012’s anonymous Ms. or Mr. Moneybags laying down a record-breaking $3.5 million, making it eBay’s most expensive sell. It’s possible, however, that these affluent bidders are viewing the heady price tag as merely a sound investment: Mr. Buffett’s lucky dining partner is allowed to ask him about his personal investing philosophies and other tricks of the trade.

But if you’re looking for more inside baseball than that, don’t bother bidding: diners are forbidden from asking Mr. Buffett what his future investments will be.

Start forking over those funds!

Well Done: Warren Buffett Auctions Multi-Million Dollar Steak Dinner