Yo Is Sorry for Last Week's Hack, Has Hired One of The Hackers, Yo

Well there's one way for college kids to get a job.



After a rather destructive hack last Friday, the world’s dumbest app seems to finally have everything under control.

“We were lucky enough to get hacked at an early stage and the issue has been fixed,” Yo founder Or Arbel wrote in a June 21 Medium post. “We are also lucky because this hack and security breach is really highlighting what Yo is, and what we are all about.”

Mr. Arbel also said the company “apologize[d] from the bottom of [their] hearts” for the hack, showing much more maturity than some other startup founders we know.

Yo was hacked on Friday by three Georgia Tech students, who found a way to request information from Yo’s database of users. They managed to procure users’ phone numbers — including Mr. Arbel’s — as well as send to users’ phones that said, “I hacked yo. Use hashtag #YoBeenHacked to talk about it.”

Continuing to prove his maturity (or perhaps that he was inspired by this Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode), Mr. Arbel explained that he actually worked with the hackers to verify the problems had been fixed, and that one of the hackers is even working for him now.

“Once we learned about [the hack] we’ve assembled a team of engineers with the hosting company, and began solving it,” he wrote on Medium. “Once the issue was resolved ([Friday] noon), we contacted the hackers and verified that the problems had been fixed. One of them is actually now working with us on improving Yo experience in other aspects as well.”

We’re not sure how much “improving” they can do to an app that basically does nothing, but hey, it’s still a pretty charming story.

[h/t The Guardian]