70% of Pinterest Users Have Wedding Boards Before They're Even Engaged


This could be you one day, Pinterest fiends. (Screengrab: YouTube)

This could be you one day, Pinterest fiends. (Screengrab: YouTube)

The stereotype of your typical Pinterest user is that she’s into four things: mason jars, recipes, inspirational quotes and — above all — weddings. We’ve always known that Pinterest obsessives had a soft spot for planning their nuptials, but we had no idea how intense it was.

In a recent survey by Mashable and TheKnot.com, a whopping 70 percent of Pinterest users admitted to having pinned wedding-related content before they were even engaged. 

Anyone who’s dabbled in Pinterest before knows, though, that you don’t just pin a little bit of something. Instead, you go down a Pinterest rabbit hole, furiously clicking and scrolling on gown after gown, save-the-date after save-the-date, while binge-watching Sex and the City and trying like hell not to go for that fourth bowl of chocolate peanut butter vegan ice cream.

So we feel pretty confident in surmising that most of the women surveyed have full-on secret wedding Pinterest boards. It might be a little psychotic to do that when you don’t even have a groom (maybe pick one of these guys?) locked down — but we can’t blame them. Weddings are fun, and you never know when your boyfriend will turn your Pinterest wedding fanfic into wedding fact.