Amazon Employee Busted For Flying His Drone Around the Space Needle

It looks pretty!

Footage from the drone. (Photo: YouTube/Blaze)

Footage from the drone. (Photo: YouTube/Blaze)

What is it with Amazon and their love of drones? An employee from the website flew his drone around the Space Needle and it supposedly crashed into an observation deck, according to CBS Seattle.

Police say that several visitors called 911 on Tuesday to report a strange, camera-equipped quad-propeller aerial vehicle zipping around the landmark and then watched it crash into a window. The crash didn’t damage the drone because it flew back to the man’s nearby hotel room where police questioned him.

The man said the drone didn’t smash into the Space Needle despite the tourists’ claims. And his video,which appears to have been deleted from YouTube, backs him up as there’s no footage in it indicating that it did.

Police weren’t too upset about the incident even though FAA doesn’t allow drones to be flown in commercial areas. They didn’t charge him, but told him not to fly his drone around anymore.