Local Newscaster’s Adorable Nepotism Warms Our Heart

“Aw shucks, did you hear about the Williams’ kid?”
“You mean Harietta?”
“No, no the pretty one. The one on that New York City TV show.”
“No, I ain’t heard. What about her?”
“She’s fixin’ to be in a musical.”
“That right? Peter Pan with Christopher Walken?”
“Well hot dog. Ain’t her daddy that newsman?”
“That’s him. Seems like he was going around town last night, hollerin’ to anyone’ll listen about his girl, on account of how NBC is giving them both life-long contracts or some such.”
“Well, you can’t fault a papa for being proud.”
“Nossir, you cain’t.”

“She playin’ Wendy?”
“Naw. She’s playing Pan.”
“Well that’s just not natural.”
“I reckon nothing much is, these days.”
“You’re sure right about that, Lena.”