Brooklyn Surrenders? White Flags Appear Overnight Atop Brooklyn Bridge

(Photo via @nypost Instagram)

(Photo via @nypost Instagram)

With Mayor de Blasio living it up in Italy, all hell has broken loose in Brooklyn, as a mysterious white flag billows in the wind atop the Brooklyn Bridge.

The white flags have replaced the traditional American flags on top of each tower, in a move that typically indicates a surrender.

After pictures of the illicit flag popped up on Twitter and Instagram, the NYPD has begun an investigation. “We’re looking into some possible incident with the flag that’s on the bridge. We don’t know yet, we’re waiting for information from units that responded,” an NYPD spokesperson told Gothamist.

As of now, the NYPD has closed the pedestrian walkway, restricted car traffic to the bridge, and have so far removed one flag on the Manhattan end of the bridge.