Germany Might Go Back to Typewriters to Thwart the NSA

So vintage!

This one's cute.  (Photo via Etsy)

This one’s cute.
(Photo via Etsy)

Did you think Russia was the only country paranoid enough to revert to using typewriters to get the NSA off their backs?

Think again, because the Germans are also mulling a switch back to the primitive machines. The news came during a TV interview, when German pol Patrick Sensburg said higher-ups had considered typewriters — “and not the electronic models, either,” the Guardian quotes him as saying.

The suspicions come from speculation that the CIA might have spied — sorry, “collected data,” as Veep‘s Selina Meyer would say — on German intelligence agency Bundestag, the Guardian reports.

Typewriters aren’t NSA-proof either, though. They can be hacked in a sense, the Telegraph reports, but that would mean X-raying the physical machines, which requires a lot more stealth than hacking into someone’s phone from an air-conditioned office in Arizona.

The switch would certainly make Germany’s intelligence offices a lot quirkier. Mr. Sensburg, have you considered ordering the machinery from Etsy? They’ve got great vintage pieces.