Home Blow-Dry App GLAMSQUAD Adds $75 Makeup Services

NYC is about to get hotter (in a good way).

Betabeat's fav option, if you were wondering. (Screengrab via GlamSquad)

Betabeat’s fav option, if you were wondering. (Screengrab via GlamSquad)

When it comes to home beauty apps, the race is officially on.

Just a few hours ago, we published our review of TheStylisted, which sends stylists straight to your home, anywhere in Chicago or New York City, to deliver blow-out, updo, dry hairstyling or makeup services.

And now, effective this afternoon, the beloved on-demand blow-dry/updo app GLAMSQUAD has announced that they, too, are offering makeup services. Guess they weren’t too excited about the competition’s June 22 app launch.

Although they sound similar, there are some important differences between the two apps. GLAMSQUAD limits your makeup choices to a range of seven looks, but their makeup artists are likely as willing as their hairstylists to cater the look to fit what you want. GLAMSQUAD’s services will only set you back $75 — but they only operate in some parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

GLAMSQUAD’s seven makeup looks are as follows: the Icon, the Siren, the Bronzed Beauty, the Dreamer, the Exec and the Flirt. Click over to their website to see models displaying the looks at various levels of open-mouthed sexyface.

On the other hand, you can request whatever look you want from TheStylisted — some artists even do costume makeup — and you get to pick a stylist based on photos and reviews of the startup’s experienced makeup artists. Makeup artists on TheStylisted get to name their own prices — and most of them are well above $75 — but they serve all five boroughs indiscriminately.

It’s tough to tell who will prevail as far as NYC beauty apps go. TheStylisted is pricier, but allows customers to choose their own stylists and their own looks. GLAMSQUAD’s prices can’t be beat, and we’ve yet to hear of a bad experience with their stylists — if you can get them to come to your neighborhood, which many outer-borough-dwellers can’t.

For now, both apps will likely coexist peacefully — but if TheStylisted offers discount services or GLAMSQUAD ventures farther into the depths of Brooklyn and Queens, things in the beauty app world might get ugly.