1 in 3 Desperate Canadians Hack Their Way Into U.S. Netflix Because Their Version Sucks

It sounds third-world up there.

We weren't kidding. (Photo: Wikipedia)

We weren’t kidding. (Photo: Wikipedia)

If you have never watched Canadian television before, let us tell you a little secret: it’s terrible. It consists of knock-offs of our shows (uh, hi The Real Housewives of Vancouver), weird French soap operas, and lots of hockey. And apparently Canadians can’t escape that misery by using their version of Netflix since that is also terrible. 

According to a new survey released by Canada’s Media Technology Monitor, 35 percent of English-speaking Canadians hack their way around Netflix.ca to use the far superior American version of the streaming service. Distressed Canadians say there’s a lot more to watch on ours, including all seven seasons of 30 Rock and more than two movies.

The 2,000 respondents say they use IP masking services to trick their Internet service provider in thinking they live somewhere in America to access U.S. Netflix. We’re fine with it as long as they keep churning out more seasons of Degrassi.