Instagram For Dogs Is Perfect For Your Lonely, Pet-Obsessed Aunt

Pay attention because this app is extremely important.

Like we said, important. (iPhone screengrab via itunes)

Like we said, important. (iPhone screengrab via itunes)

You love your dog. He is just the sweetest, most loyal pooch in the world. He’s handsome too. You want to show him off to your Instagram followers, but the damn dog just won’t sit still for the forced photo shoot. Ughh, that’s the worst.

A genius new photo-sharing app by Bark&Co that is basically Instagram for the pet-obsessed will solve all your dog photography woes.

BarkCam is complete with all kinds of  totally necessary, “dogified” features. Firstly, the app has a lineup of sounds to get your dog’s attention — squeaky toys, cat meows and the rustling of a bag of dog treats, to name a few.

This feature is both revolutionary and vital, for without it, dog photographers would be forced to manually produce such noises or, gasp, call their names.

Next, choose from filters such as “Soft Sniff” and “Vintage Pup” for that sought after rustic doggy look. They’ll really bring out the color in the hair-covered couch or tiled kitchen floor that’s acting as your backdrop.

Lastly, it’s time to accessorize your pooch and top off your photo — literally — with a silly hat. You were so close. You almost had a serious, respectable photograph of your animal, but we know you couldn’t resit adding the sticker of a curly mustache or a T-bone steak.

You can even add chat bubbles because it’s always fun to see what your friends think their pets are saying.

The app has a feed, but for the rest of us dying to see, users can upload their pimped out pooch pics directly to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Lucky us.

(h/t Mashable)