iPhone Charger Reportedly Electrocutes Teenager to Death in Her Sleep


An iPhone 4S charger. (Photo: Thingz.net)

An iPhone 4S charger. (Photo: Thingz.net)

An 18-year-old Chinese woman was reportedly electrocuted to death after her iPhone 4S charger exploded while she was sleeping.

Her sister made the tragic discovery after she smelled plastic burning in her sister’s room, Shanghaiist reports. When she walked into the room, she found a melted iPhone next to her and several burns across her legs, hands and neck. Medical experts confirmed that she died of electrocution. 

It’s unclear if the charger was made by Apple or a knock-off. Her sister said in a Weibo post that the retailer where her sister bought the charger from might compensate the family.

(Via Daily Mail)